About our Company

How do we choose what homes to acquire?

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Our search begins with our investment team. They handpick each short term rental property and remain consistently involved throughout the entire life cycle of the home. The selection of homes is largely based on the markets they’re located in. Foothold markets are chosen based on a series of metrics- potential for population growth, job opportunities, uprising single-family home trends- to name a few. Our investment team opts for short term rental apartments of a recent build and in newer developments.

How does the Footold process work?

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Investors select a property or groups of properties and acquire fractional interests that represent an indirect ownership interest. The investment is designed to deliver passive income without management responsibilities.

Once Foothold accepts your investment and your funds are transferred, you will be entitled to receive quarterly payouts derived from booking income (rents minus fees, expenses, and additional reserve allocations) generated by the property, while Foothold handles operational responsibilities.

What happens if there is negative Cash Flow due to a loss of renter or unplanned expenses?

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We have a cash reserve at the individual property level for every home. It will typically average around 2% of the total home value. We also budget for ongoing operating expenses, both planned and unplanned. These include things like property tax, home insurance, and maintenance. And our anticipated dividends are after these operating expenses.

In the event that expenses or negative cash flow ever exceeded our cash reserve and operating expense budget, we would make a short-term loan from our corporate entity to the individual home and then repay the loan with future rental payments.

We would not do a capital call to investors, but it could lower the anticipated new cash flows from rent until the short term loan was repaid or cash reserve was refilled.

How often can I expect properties to launch?

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We employs a rigorous review process that eliminates 99.8% of the properties we evaluate, so there is often downtime between property offerings.

We plan to launch 18 new properties per year. When new properties are listed, we’ll try to accommodate as many investors as possible before the offering is sold out; these will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign up for SMS notifications to be notified the moment new properties launch on Foothold.

I’ve made an investment! Now what?

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Once an investor has placed their investment order, our team works to process your payment along with all other investor orders and close the Offering – there are no further actions required! This process can take up to two weeks.

Once the unit has finished construction, our team will working diligently to prepare the property for guests. This process varies in time depending on the property and local destination market. Once ready, your new Foothold property will begin accepting bookings, and guests from all over the world will be visiting your very own vacation rental property.

Once property onboarding is completed, the property will begin generating income from booking revenue. If the property generates sufficient funds to make payouts, you’ll receive your pro-rata share on a quarterly basis. Each payout will be deposited directly into your account.