Investment Criteria

How do we make the right offer on a short term rental unit?

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We create comprehensive property investment plans, covering offer proposals, pre-inspection reports and detailed renovation proposals from contractors. Our strategic approach involves direct purchasing of multiple units from real estate developers, ensuring optimal purchase prices.

What is Foothold ideal property-purchasing criteria?

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We build a specific “buy box” that narrows the home details to give our investors maximum returns – this includes a price range, a bed/bath configuration, minimum square footage, year built, and the level of renovation required. When working direcly with a developer, we work jointly on unit design to ensure our unit will captivate Airbnb users.

How does Foothold identify lucrative markets?

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We use a data-driven approach in our market analysis, taking into account factors like tourism growth, economic development, proximity to tourist attractions, and affordability. This helps us identify markets that offer good current cash flow and have positive long-term property value prospects. We tend to favor locations near the city’s economic hub and areas with promising growth trends